Things men like about women

Things men like about womenI sit down with a group of men and we discuss what they like about women. We talk about a number of topics that come up when a man is looking for a women. Keep in mind every man is different so we will do this topic from time to time.

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Part 1 Looks

Part 1 Looks We talk about the details of looks and what this particular groups looks for and what they don’t want.


Part 2 Background

Part 2 Background How important is a woman's background and the things she may have done in the past.

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Part 3 Attitude

Part 3 Attitude What type of attitude or swagger if you will do you look for in your woman?


Part 4 First date sex

Part 4 First date sex This is almost a show in it’s self but I try to get the guys to discuss how they feel about have sex on the first date.

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Part 5 First date oral

Part 5 First date oral Some are not willing to go as far as sex on a first date, but for some reason oral is ok.


Part 6 Ethnicity and career

Part 6 Ethnicity and career I asked this group of men what type of ethnicities do they like and how important is a woman’s career.

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Part 7 Family and red flags

Part 7 Family and red flags How important is a woman’s family to you? How do you navigate the red flags that come up in meeting a new person?


Part 8 Sexual partners

Part 8 More weight The guys talk about a woman’s past sexual partners and how it impacts them moving forward.

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